Solicitors ahead in probate battle with banks

17 November 2010

Recent research has revealed that just under half of people who have used legal advisers to obtain probate of a deceased’s estate have used a solicitor many of whom are local to their homes, with only three per cent seeking legal assistance from banks.
This comes as no surprise to us given that the cost of using the professional services of a solicitor to wind up the estate of the deceased has decreased compared with the ever increasing cost of using banks who often charge a substantial percentage of the value of the deceased’s estate.
Solicitors costs are often driven by time spent rather than a percentage of the estate, or sometimes a combination of both depending on the complexity of the deceased’s estate. Consumers should shop around in search of better deals which will inevitably be given by smaller local firm’s such as Partridge Allen than larger City Centre practices or multi office organisations.
Use an expert with professional indemnity insurance as a safeguard
Use a Solicitor Use Partridge Allen our personal service is second to none you will also be pleasantly surprised by the amount of our fees.