Did you know that if someone is missing there is no period after which he or she is presumed dead in English Law. What has to happen is that the Coroners office following an application must order the Registrar for the area to issue a death certificate without a body which must follow all reasonable enquires to establish the position as a fact.

Also did you know that the Assets of many people that die extend far beyond those which are known to the Executors/Next of Kin and in order to be certain for the purposes of an application to the Court for a Grant of Probate a search should be made in the registers maintained by various public bodies to establish the fact of the existence of those assets and their respective amounts without which liability for the taxation of the deceased’s estate and the distribution of that estate amongst beneficiaries by the Executors may be the subject of a costly claim by the Revenue or disappointed beneficiaries.

To establish the bona fides of the people searching the above registers national search providers will normally only accept instructions from Solicitors as a matter of course because of issues of privacy and legitimacy of those seeking such information.

Where we are instructed to deal with the winding up of an estate we will make searches in the relevant registers for assets of the deceased to correctly establish the assets of the deceased person and will where necessary instruct Title Research Organisations to find missing beneficiaries including those who might otherwise be presumed to be deceased.

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