Making A Will

We are all responsible to make a Will regardless of our wealth and assets without which when we die, our loved ones will be left with the problems of sorting out our estate, often frustrated with government rules of intestacy to determine who gets our property and possessions, or addressing the future care of our younger children, if we have any.

Whether it is a simple Will, a Will containing complex provisions or changes to long standing wills, we are here to help by giving you straightforward advice and assistance. Our fees are competitive.

There are more aspects to will writing than you would imagine and it is our expertise that can bring these important issues to light for your consideration. We will advise you on various issues such as will trusts and protective property trusts (for example to avoid all of your home being used for care fees) as well as anything else that we believe you may need in order to make sure that all of your estate passes to those people who you wish to inherit it.