Our Services

Divorce or family problems

We are members of Resolution (Formerly Solicitors Family Law Association). We will not push you into taking steps you do not want. We will make sure you understand your legal rights but you are in control of how far you want us to take any part of your case.

We will always try to work for a reasonable solution to family disputes. We will not increase bitterness or hostility by being unnecessarily aggressive. But, when necessary, we will fight for your rights by being both firm and persistent in the protection of your interests.

We can help with:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Disputes over contact or residence arrangements and other disputes relating to children
  • Emergency action to stop domestic violence
  • Sorting out money and property issues on relationship breakdown
  • Civil partnership matters


We will provide competitive quotes for all standard types of conveyancing of houses or flats including:

  • Buying – (cash purchase or with a Mortgage)
  • “Right to Buy” Council house purchase
  • Selling
  • Leasing
  • Re-mortgaging
  • “Transfer of Equity”

Internet Case Tracking Service

We provide an inter-active on line case tracking facility for the benefit of our conveyancing clients enabling those clients who wish to do so to track the progress of their matters at any time via the internet. This includes us working with local independent estate agents and mortgage business’ via LFS (Law Firm Services) in respect of transactions introduced to us by them and which whilst maintaining our independence ensures smooth and efficient progress. Regular updated information is posted onto our secure website which enables the client to follow the progress of each matter by the use of a unique case number from start to finish from the comfort of their own home computer (internet connection required). Full details and demonstration of this service will be provided on request.

Making a Will and appointing an Attorney

There are Statutory rules for those who will inherit your property if you die without making a Will. The rules may not produce the outcome that you either expect or want. Examples of which are that the surviving partner of an unmarried couple will not inherit and only a portion of a deceased spouse’s estate will belong to the survivor thus depriving him or her of the whole estate and diminishing the benefit of Inheritance Tax for their Children.

It is greatly important that you make a Will and review it from time to time especially as your family changes and if you marry, re-marry, live together or go through separation or divorce.

We can advise you on making a Will to suit all of the above and to ensure that your estate is dealt with by those in whom you have faith and trust.

Parents can appoint a guardian or guardians to look after their children.

For those people who cannot or do not wish to look after their own financial affairs we will advise them on the most appropriate way to appoint an Attorney to do so for them. We will also prepare a document to accord with their wishes. This service is now of great importance to our aging population. In view of new legislation it is in our view that all mature adults should regard the appointment of an Attorney as being vitally important to their financial and other interests.

Probate/Trust Matters

We advise Executors and Trustees of their obligations and duties to the estate of a deceased person. We carry out all of the steps required to obtain a Grant from the High Court in respect of the Deceased’s Estate and then collect in and distribute money and property to which Beneficiaries are entitled where we are instructed to do so by Executors (or where we as a firm are Executors).

We prepare Deeds of Trust for those who need them, whether they relate to personal property or land (including occupational interests in land).

Business Matters

We will act for you in respect of your business transactions from the purchase or sale of a corner shop to a Multi Million Pound venture including advising you on your Limited Company.


We can advise both employers and employees in relation to all aspects of Employment Law.

We will initially consider matters on your behalf and advise you as to the course of action which would be best for you. We will attempt negotiations in the first instance in an effort to bring a speedy and non contentious conclusion to the difficulties you may have experienced. Not every case proceeds to the Employment Tribunal but should this be necessary then we will represent you at such a Tribunal.

In particular we deal with the following:

  • Compromise Agreements
  • Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures
  • Discrimination
  • Unfair & Constructive Dismissal
  • Contracts of Employment, Employment Policies & Handbooks
  • Equal Pay
  • Redundancy
  • Tribunals

Other legal problems

A person’s problems may not fit into any particular category. Therefore if you have a legal problem that seems to fall outside the types of legal work mentioned here do ask us about it. We deal with other legal matters and will always help you if we feel able to do so. If however you wish us to advise you on something completely outside our range of work we will tell you and we shall try to refer you to someone who we feel is able to deal with it.